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The PROTEUS™ Hub connects to your vessel’s existing sensors over NMEA 2000 and Ethernet and applies Machine Learning to output a reimagined experience at the helm in the form of an intuitive 3D and 2D Display.

Revisualize Radar

Interpreting Radar screens is hard.

radar vision makes it easy.


How does it work?

The Proteus Hub uses your vessel's existing sensors

The PROTEUS™ Hub modernizes your helm. Leverage the powerful and intuitive 3D Display and RADAR Vision capabilities for a seamless navigation experience on your next adventure.

Proteus utilizes AI Radar Vision to reveal Radar returns as real objects. With Proteus, you no longer need to stare at the Radar display endlessly to decipher if a fuzzy return is a buoy or another boat. Radar vision shows objects in both 2D and 3D as they are in real life. No interpretation required. Proteus makes Radar the most powerful sensor on your boat for collision avoidance.

Proteus connects to your depth transducer over NMEA2000. Not only does the 3D Display show bottom contours based on baseline NOAA maps, but it uses the depth from your transducer to update those maps so you have up to date and accurate depth information.

The PROTEUS™ Hub includes a cellular connection. At the end of your voyage, the newly recorded depth data can be shared with other vessels using Proteus. This way you always have the latest depth information for your area!

Your VHF has critical information Proteus can use to enhance the 3D Display. Connect Proteus to your VHF Radio over NMEA2000 and get detailed information about AIS vessels on screen.

AIS is not required for proper operation of the PROTEUS™ Hub device, but AIS helps provide additional useful information for you at the helm. AIS vessels will appear in 3D as they do in real life – tugs, barges, and cargo ships will all be easily distinguishable.

Proteus fuses the data from your vessel’s NMEA 2000 compatible GPS and Compass to accurately determine your location and predicted path. Proteus uses that prediction to display how close you will be to other boats and markers in the future. The Proteus display provides alerts based on user set thresholds to notify you when there is a possible collision. With the PROTEUS™ Hub, your navigation tools use the latest in machine learning and sensor fusion technology to provide you with simple and actionable information when you’re at the helm! 

The Proteus Display offers several viewing options that give you total awareness of your surroundings and easy recognition of other vessels using Radar vision. Toggle from the Classic 2D Overhead Map view, to multiple 3D Display views to find the view that suits your preferences. The days of Interpreting charts and Radar screens are long gone.


Avoid running aground

Active Maps

• Utilizes NOAA survey data for accuracy.

• Updates display with precise depth info dynamically.

• Uploads new depth data to Cloud upon return.

• Enhances collective boater knowledge pool.

Prevent collisions

Classic 2D

• Utilizes RADAR Vision for boat path prediction.

• Enhances visibility of markers and buoys.

• Provides intuitive depth threshold visualization.

How does proteus connect?

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