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Tocaro Blue is a marine technology company designing the next generation of boater-focused navigation tools. Tocaro was founded by serial entrepreneurs Tom and Carol Patterson with goal of using innovative technologies to build next generation products that empower boaters to pursue adventure. Proteus is the first in a line of AI powered marine navigation tools offered by Tocaro Blue. Chartplotters are complicated and in-particular, make visualizing RADAR data difficult. By offering an intuitive 3D display that reveals RADAR returns as real objects on your display and constantly analyzing changing sea floor depths, Proteus offers a newfound sense of confidence, safety, and adventure at the helm and helps boaters avoid collisions and running aground. 



Proteus is an inflection point in user-interface design for the marine industry, akin to the iPhone versus blackberry moment in the wireless industry in 2007. Displaying complex information in an easy to digest way, Proteus offers boaters the right information at the right time as they navigate their vessel. 

Meet the team

Tocaro blue is powered by boaters

John minor

Chief Executive Officer

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Tristan rizzi


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Austin gurley

Chief of R&D

Jeff Thornton

Executive Vice President

Andrew Rains

Senior Director of Sales

Jared patterson

Senior Director of Customer Success

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About Our Founders

Serial Entrepreneur, Engineer, and lifelong sailor, Tom Patterson, founded Tocaro Blue to address issues with complex marine electronics and navigation systems he experienced while sailing across the Atlantic.  


Tom believed that user-friendly displays to aid in navigation and collision avoidance can be the difference in life or death on the open ocean. 


A few years ago, Tom teamed up with Navy SEAL Captain (ret), Tristan Rizzi to leverage Tristan’s experience working on the Naval Special Warfare’s stealth boat program. An engineering grad from the Naval Academy, Tristan brings special insights from his experience and a passion for developing tools and technologies that make boaters’ lives more intuitive and safer, aligning his personal experience as a SEAL and boat racer with Tocaro’s mission as a Company.  



The culmination of Tom and Tristan’s experience has lead to the creation of innovative products and a specialized team who is working to deliver a next-generation navigation experience for boaters.

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