Smooth Sailing Guaranteed

The Tocaro Blue Promise

Tocaro Blue provides boat owners unrivaled peace of mind by offering the best intelligent vessel monitoring system available, while leading the security and monitoring segment of the boating industry by driving innovation and continuously outpacing our competition with better IoT applications, telematics, and data fusion.

What is White Glove Service?

At Tocaro Blue, our exclusive White Glove Service is an elevated level of care and attention to detail. That’s because every owner and every vessel is different and requires a unique installation and service. It starts with helping you pinpoint exactly what type of system would work best while ensuring your data privacy. Then, Tocaro Blue’s White Glove Service continues with your professional installation. With our ongoing customer care, service excellence and attention never stops as long as you own the system. Tocaro Blue’s White Glove Service is an end-to-end process making everything as easy as possible for you and caters to your exact needs.


To realize a future where boating is safer, more reliable, and more enjoyable for all mariners.


To create innovative solutions that enhance safety and protect valuable assets with pioneering technology that revolutionizes the marine industry.


We will deliver peace of mind for boat owners, increase safety on our waterways, and advance the marine industry to benefit all its stakeholders.

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