Intelligent Vessel Monitoring


With a Tocaro Blue system, you get peace of mind with the best intelligent vessel monitoring and safety system available!  We designed Tocaro Blue platforms with significant future expansion in mind; unrivaled NMEA 2000 functionality, proprietary engine telematics/data streaming, and machine learning. Join the Tocaro Blue family and experience our one of kind white glove experience.

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Your Tocaro Blue System

Peace of mind that your investment is connected and protected.

24/7 Peace of Mind

Instant alert notifications upon detection (push, text, & email notifications)

No Power? No Problem

The Tocaro Blue Gateway has a dependable 14-day battery backup, ensuring you’re protected even in the event of an emergency

Built To Last

Each marinized component in the Tocaro Blue Master Chief monitoring system is waterproof, durable, and corrosion-resistant – tested and built to last

Your Trusted Partner

Our live customer support team is available to assist you with any concerns or questions. We’ve got you covered

Access Data Anywhere

All vessel data is securely stored in the cloud and transmitted to you via 4G LTE or satellite. Access all your vessel’s data from anywhere in the world.

Based In The U.S.A.

Not only are we headquartered in sunny Florida, but all Tocaro Blue components are also designed, developed, manufactured, quality-tested, and installed in the USA.

Custom Notifications

Geo-fencing, high/low battery, high/low temperature/humidity, Anchor Drag/Theft, etc


Immediate feedback on problems, directly through your app – whether you’re on the boat or not.

Cellular & Satellite

Ability to communicate through cellular or satellite – gives you more choices, especially if you’re headed offshore or to a remote area.

Why Tocaro Blue?

Innovative Subscription Model

No upfront costs. Just pay a nominal installation fee, and then we bill you annually or monthly for the service. Pricing varies to the unique needs of your boat.

Your Choice of System

How It Works

Contact Your Tocaro Blue Installer

Contact Tocaro Blue for local installer information. If we don’t have an installer in your area, we’ll work with you to ensure your device is installed to our standards.

Purchase Your Subscription

The Tocaro Blue Boatkeeper Vessel Monitoring App is available for download on all Android/IOS devices.

Enjoy 24/7 Peace of Mind

Once your device is set up and linked to your app, you’re ready to enjoy the peace of mind Tocaro Blue offers. Enjoy!