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The Revolutionary PROTEUS™ 3D Display Completely Transforms the Boating Experience and Unlocks a New Level of Confidence on the Water.

PROTEUS™ integrates seamlessly with your onboard marine electronics. It refines RADAR data into precise, actionable insights, accurately predicting the movements of nearby vessels and focusing on the most essential information. The Field of Awareness display helps you navigate with confidence, clarity, and precision, setting a new standard in marine navigation systems.




Slide the center bar to compare the PROTEUS™ Virtual 3d Display to a Traditional Chartplotter

The Field of Awareness

The Field of Awareness is a simplified radar view that only displays nearby objects and potential threats, making it very easy to recognize potential issues at a glance.

The PROTEUS™ Display's Field of Awareness

The Field of Awareness from  the PROTEUS™  showing two boats to the front of the boat, classifying 2 Targets, and a Marker to the rear of the boat.

Unlike traditional chart plotters that require constant monitoring and zooming in and out to identify potential threats, PROTEUS™ automatically eliminates radar deflections over shorelines and other non-threatening elements and presents only the most relevant concerns inside the “Field of Awareness.” The 360-Degree view ensures visibility of vessels traveling behind, passing, overtaking, or crossing your path. PROTEUS™‘s Predictive Analysis, boaters can accurately anticipate the paths of surrounding vessels to a fraction of a second and view the threats in real-time long before they become a problem.

The PROTEUS™ Display's Field of Awareness

The Field of Awareness from  the PROTEUS™  showing two boats to the front of the boat, classifying 2 Targets, and a Marker to the rear of the boat.


Traditional Overhead Map View COMPARISON


Slide the center bar to compare the PROTEUS™ Overhead Map Display to a Traditional Chartplotter. 


Play Video

PROTEUS™ uses no cameras as part of the system. The cameras in the above video were used during a full test of the PROTEUS™ system in Pensacola, Florida in August of 2023.  Cameras were used to verify the latest advancements of the full system test and show the power and accuracy of PROTEUS™.

System Features & Details
Key Features

Declutter Your Display and Cruise with Confidence.


• Combines all available onboard sensors (including RADAR, NMEA2000, VHF) to build an easy to understand Field of Awareness.


• Modern, interactive interface with user-selectable true 3D visualizations.


• Detects threats Above and Below the waterline.


• Channel markers and buoys are represented and numbered with accurate colors and markings.


• Vessels detected using AIS are drawn with accurate specs and displays the full information of the vessel.


• Requires no internet connection for full FOA performance on the water.


• Anonymous data from the entire Proteus fleet to persistently improve tracking performance and map accuracy.


• Instant Automatic Updates ensure your are running the latest software and interface options.

Surface Monitoring

Detects, tracks, and classifies everything on the water near your vessel, providing real-time guidance on proximity and threat level.


• Automatically scans for moving and stationary objects on the water then tracks and predicts their path, without requiring user interaction.


• Turns RADAR ‘Blobs’ into recognizable objects.


• All tracked objects are monitored for their closest point of approach (time and distance) regardless of current range, allowing the user ample time to navigate.


• Capable of tracking over 100 vessels simultaneously


• Machine learning is used to classify the objects in the RADAR view (such as pleasure craft, sailing vessels, or unmoored markers) to more accurate track and predict their path.


• RADAR hits on shoreline and shoreline constructions that traditionally complicated the display are hidden from view.


• Channel markers are identified and linked to their RADAR signature, so you know the exact location.


• Automatic zoom level based on proximity to shoreline or to nearby threats.


• Automatic RADAR gain tuning, ensures consistent RADAR signatures for any threats on the water. Wake and sea clutter is intelligently filtered.


• Does not require expensive doppler RADAR (although it can benefit from it, if you have it).

Sub-Surface Monitoring

Combines crowdsourced maps and your own depth transducer to help you navigate underwater shoals and structures.


• Displays range and distance to charted shoals nearby, no need to squint and read raster chart depths.


• Uses your depth transducer to detect if the sea-floor is rising quickly, and provides an alert to be cautious about your approach.


• Seafloor is remapped in real-time and shared with the Proteus community when you return to port.


• Automatically adapts all map displays and alerts based on tides and your keel depth.

The Hardware

Powerful edge computer with ML-enabled GPU,


• Does not rely on an internet connection for full performance while underway.


• Plug and play with your existing MFD and sensing equipment.


• Built-in cellular connectivity enables weekly software updates.


• Hard-anodized, aerospace grade aluminum enclosure.


• IP-66 sealed and booted connectors for HDMI, USB, and Ethernet.


• NMEA2000 compatible device.


• 12VDC power (maximum 40 Watts)

• Remote power switch input.


• Most Garmin RADAR and MFD products.


• Raymarine and others coming soon.

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