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Meet The Team: Jared Patterson – COO

Meet The Team of Tocaro Blue - Jared Patterson

My name is Jared Patterson, and I am the Chief Operating Officer of Team Tocaro Blue. As you may have previously read, my father and mother, Tom and Carol Patterson, are the visionaries behind our products. I have been with Tocaro Blue since its start in January of 2019. I always wanted to be a part of a new idea from the ground – its inception, design, and build. And to be the absolute best without compromise. Because of my early involvement, I have been able to do just that. As a part of the team, I have provided oversight in the structure of our system, design of the hardware, and development of the foundation of the support systems for our customers. Everyone brings a talent to the team, and I was able to bring an extensive background in customer support and community relations.

I have been a life-long boater. Growing up, my family would travel to Pensacola, Florida from Birmingham, Alabama, to sail on our Catalina 36, even if only for the weekend. My family graduated through a few boats before they settled on a Shannon 43 scutter rig. In my sophomore year of high school, I was home-schooled on this boat while sailing down the east coast. This is where I found my love of boating and built my knowledge of the water and handling a true blue water boat.

I attended the University of Alabama Birmingham, where I earned my bachelor’s degree, and the University of Alabama for my master’s degree. I spent most of my college years managing a YMCA at night, working days at a golf course, and then working for Habitat for Humanity as Director of Volunteer Coordination. This was when the F4 tornado hit Tuscaloosa, AL creating devastation that needed all hands on deck to coordinate, implement and aid the hundreds of homeless in rebuilding their lives. It was eye-opening, to say the least. At these jobs, I learned my deep appreciation for customer service and support no matter who I was servicing.

My mission now is to provide each Tocaro Blue customer the support they need to get the most out of their Tocaro Blue products and ensure their brand loyalty to Tocaro Blue. That is why I work 24/7 to provide the best customer service and support experience possible. Our support team is here to help you diagnose issues on your vessel. They assist with technical problems with whatever Tocaro Blue system you use to support your boating needs.

Personally, I’m a brand loyal guy. If a company bends over backward to meet my short- or long-term needs, they earn my undisputed loyalty to their brand. That is the level of service I want to provide our Tocaro Blue family – “WHITE GLOVE SERVICE.”

Tocaro Blue’s mission is to stand guard over your assets and provide the best and most reliable “Vessel Awareness” platform in the industry. We will accomplish this by providing customers with unparalleled Peace of Mind through the quality, functionality, and support of their Tocaro Blue system.

As we move forward, the team will update the community on new functionality coming online with our software, hardware releases, products, and more. For those of you who are not yet a part of the Tocaro family, we welcome the opportunity to bring you on board. We are grateful for your continued support for those of you who have chosen Tocaro Blue to help protect your assets!



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