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Hurricane Ian

A comment from Tocaro Blue about Hurricane Ian

If you have lived on the Gulf or Atlantic coast for more than a year, chances are you have seen a hurricane or been close enough to see the raw power and devastation they can create. I have seen six up close and personal in my lifetime, and that was more than enough to last me a lifetime.

Due to the remarkable advancements in technology, forecasters can now generate fairly accurate models and see the potential size and power of hurricanes and, most importantly, where they are likely to go, giving communities enough warning to evacuate. Thankfully that was the case of Ian.

The Tocaro Blue team is spread out from Miami to Pensacola, so we knew that one or more of us would likely feel Ian’s destructive power. While two of our team members were in the path of Ian, they made it through relatively intact. Unfortunately, many Floridians were not so lucky, and we take that to heart. Living here, everyone takes care of their neighbors because we have all been through it and know what it is like to experience those losses.

Our outstanding team members, Tristan Rizzi and Ed Gannon, who were also affected by Ian, left their own tough circumstances to navigate to the hardest-hit areas to deliver food, water, generators, and heavy equipment to those in need.

I have received quite a few calls from our customers who had to evacuate, telling me they were so thankful they could check on their boats through our app during Ian. I am grateful we were able to provide them with peace of mind during such a hard time.

To all Floridians, we are here to support you as clients, friends, and neighbors in this time of need. Our prayers will be with you.


Tristan Rizzi
Capt. SEAL, USN (Ret)
President, Tocaro Blue
Email: [email protected]



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