Water Level Monitor

From anywhere on the globe, you may keep watch over bilge level and flooding status of your vessel. Master Chief High and low water transducers send data to the Gateway Hub through a wireless sensor mounted well above the hi level water transducer to provide reliable information about safe (L) and dangerous (H) fill level. Now you can monitor multiple bilges and at various areas assuring your investment is safe.

The transmitter and transducers are connected by 30” cables so the sensor module can be mounted in a safe area. The transmitter case is waterproof, so it will survive even in the event of a flood. The transducers can be set up in multiple bilges or in different areas of a bilge.

Water Level and all Master Chief systems are monitored through the Tocaro monitor app on your phone or other smart devices.


  • Designed specifically for the contours of sea vessel doors

  • Long-lasting battery life

  • Runs in ultra-low power mode

  • Long range wireless communication back to Gateway Data Hub

  • Gold-plated terminal connectors

  • Corrosion resistant, tin copper wiring

  • Potted connector cables

  • Durable, marinized construction

  • DATA: Water contact, two transducers (High and Low)


  • SETUP: Easy installation with adhesive pads

  • POWER: 2-year battery life (CR2032)


  • MATERIALS: Marinized Acetal Homopolymer sensor case, Buna-N O-ring, gold-plated water probe connectors

  • Easy, non-invasive installation with adhesive pads

  • 2 Year battery life (CR2032)

  • Water contact, two transducers (High and Low)

  • IP67 ingress protection

  • Durable acetal homopolymer casing, Buna-N O-ring, and 316 SS hardware