Signalman is a GPS locator and DC Battery sensor, from the Tocaro Blue family of vessel monitoring and safety systems that can help put your mind at ease. Designed with smaller vessels in mind, Signalman is a cellular-connected marine-grade device that utilizes the Tocaro Blue smartphone app. Get important information about your boat directly on your phone from anywhere in the world!

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Signalman Gateway
Most products are designed to be one size fits all.  Not at Tocaro Blue!  The Tocaro Blue experience was designed to be personalized.  Signalman is Tocaro Blue’s solution for vessels under 30 feet.  It is packed with technology from the get go and was built to endure the marine environment.

Signalman is a GPS locator and battery sensor that communicates through cellular, and has bluetooth direct connect.  Signalman will monitor your boat’s exact coordinates showing where it has been and where it is heading!

Signalman uses the one-of-kind Tocaro Blue app.  The app will allow you to place a geo-fence around your boat to protect from theft, create an anchor watch, set high/low battery alerts, receive weather alerts, and even track where you have gone for the day.  Signalman was made to give you peace of mind whether your boat is at the dock behind your house, on a trailer in your driveway, or at the marina.


Each Tocaro Blue Gateway can be custom configured to fit your unique needs and paired wirelessly with the sensors. It can be tailored to work with any style or size vessel.
Vessel Connect
  • Equipped with GPS, cellular, Bluetooth direct connect
  • Equipped with an integrated DC battery sensor
  • Anti-theft Sensor
GPS Locator
  • Know your vessel’s exact location
  • Anti-theft Sensor
Geo-Fencing & Anchor Watch
  • If your vessel moves, you’ll know about it
  • Out of bounds usage
Integrated DC Sensor (12/24 Volt)
  • Displays & records voltage (+/ – 0.01 V)
  • User-definable alerts
  • High/Low voltage level alerts
  • Anti-theft Sensor
Boat Tracking
  • See exactly where your boat has been, and where it is heading
Weather Alerts
  • Local Weather
  • Critical weather alerts sent based on the location of your vessel. (Flooding, Riptide, Severe weather, etc.)
Tocaro Blue App
  • Our dynamic smartphone app gives you access to important information about your vessel
Other Features
  • All stainless steel and delrin construction
  • Receive enhanced features via software updates
  • Up to 7-Day backup battery
  • No WIFI – No Problem
  • Data uploads via cellular, or bluetooth
  • Onboard vessel access via bluetooth
  • MATERIALS: Marinized, High impact, 4.75 x 2.375 x 1.05” Acetal Homopolymer case with Buna-N O-ring seals
  • WIRING: Tinned copper wiring with gold coated connectors

  • CELLULAR: LTE CAT-M1 connectivity with antenna (Global profile)

  • GPS/GLONASS: Positioning (10Hz) and navigation data (track 70+ satellites)

  • VOYAGE RECORDER: 8 Gb (approximately 6 months)

  • POWER: 6-32 Volts power supply (provided by your boat’s battery)

  • INTERNAL BACKUP BATTERY: 3 Days: Extendible in “Power Management” mode