The Master Chief Gateway configures and controls sensors throughout your vessel. The Gateway monitors all connected sensors and transmits their data to secure cloud servers over cellular or satellite.

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Master Chief Gateway
AC/DC Power Sensor
Entry Sensor
GPS Sensor
Climate Sensor
Bilge Sensor

Tocaro Blue’s Master Chief Gateway configures and controls sensor modules throughout your vessel. The Gateway monitors all connected sensors and transmits their data to secure cloud servers over cellular, Satellite or Bluetooth Direct Connect. If cellular is not available due to being offshore or cellular outages, you can always depend on the reliability of the Iridium satellite network. Vessel data is accessible globally when your system is satellite enabled.

In the event of a loss of vessel power, the Gateway has a 7-day battery backup. When offshore, the Gateway stores a record of your voyage to internal memory, and transmits all data to the cloud storage when it reconnects. The Satellite Transceiver ensures vessel location and security data are transmitted without interruption from anywhere in the world.

All Master Chief sensors operate on the high-performance Bluetooth 5 MESH standard. This allows longer range wireless communication that is virtually uninterrupted by boat structural materials. Plug and play Wireless sensors pair to the Gateway for ease of installation and results in minutes.

The Gateway transmits data through sturdy antennas attached by gold, screw-on terminal connectors. Of course, data is fully encrypted when on-air for complete privacy.


Each Tocaro Blue Gateway can be custom configured to fit your unique needs and paired wirelessly with the sensors. It can be tailored to work with any style or size vessel.
  • Equipped with GPS, cellular, Bluetooth direct connect, & satellite
  • Geo-Fence for theft, anchor drag, and out-of-bounds usage
AC/DC Power Sensor
  • (12/24/36 Volt)
  • Displays & records voltage (+/ – 0.01 V) and current (+/- 0.1A)
  • Low/High level alarms
  • User-defined Alerts
Entry Sensor
  • Designed specifically for the contours in sea vessel doors
  • Up to 2 year battery life
  • Designed for installation on vessel doors, hatches, and compartments
Climate Sensor
  • Monitors temperature, barometric pressure, & humidity
  • Up to 2 year battery life
  • User-definable alerts (Freezer, Fridge, Cabin, Engine Room, Etc.)
  • Real time weather at your vessels location
Anti-Theft Sensor
  • Protect your outboard engine, electronics, and other valuable equipment
  • Up to 2 year battery life
Bilge Sensor
  • 2 (High/Low) water float sensors
  • Up to 2 year battery life
  • Adjustable mounting system to support any angle configuration
Weather Alerts
  • Critical weather alerts sent based on the location of your vessel. (Flooding, Riptide, Severe weather, etc.)
Other Features
  • All stainless steel and delrin construction to survive the harshest environments
  • Never get stuck in the past with old hardware, receive updated and enhanced features via over the air firmware and software updates
  • Up to 7-Day backup battery
  • Connects via satellite, cellular, and/or Bluetooth Direct Connect
  • UPGRADES: A Linux based computerized Hub allows for future expansion/upgrade and the ability to integrate dozens of sensors; this ENSURES relevance to the future to include new sensors currently under development/testing/certification

  • MATERIALS: Marinized, High impact, 7 x 6 x 1.25” Acetal Homopolymer case with Buna-N O-ring seals

  • WIRING: Tinned copper wiring with gold coated connectors

  • MESH
  • WIFI: Power saving 2.4 GHz signal

  • CELLULAR: LTE CAT-M1 connectivity with antenna (Global profile)

  • GPS/GLONASS: Positioning (10Hz) and navigation data (track 70+ satellites)

  • Optional SATELLITE Connectivity: Iridium with antenna

  • VOYAGE RECORDER: 8 Gb (approximately 6 months)

  • POWER: 6-32 Volts power supply (provided by your boat’s battery)

  • BATTERY: 3 Days: Extendible in “Power Management” mode