Intrusion Monitor

This intrusion alarm security module is designed specifically for the contours of sea vessel doors. Monitor multiple intrusion points, such as doors, hatches, lockers and more. This provides comprehensive protection 24/7

The Master Chief sensor module (mounted on the frame) and proximity marker (mounted on the door, hatch or window) can be located as far as 2.5 inches apart in almost any orientation to account for different hatch, window and door frame designs.

Unique sensing elements used for proximity allow the door sensor to run in an ultra-low power mode which provides years of battery life.

Tocaro Blue’s Intrusion Monitor ensures your boat is secure whether you’re enjoying time on the water, or if you are miles away.
Our innovative, patent-pending design is the industry’s only door security monitor built specifically to fit the contours of sea vessel doors.

The unique construction of the Intrusion Monitor maximizes battery life by enabling the door sensor to run in an ultra-low power mode, providing an average two year battery life.


  • Designed specifically for the contours of sea vessel doors
  • Built to achieve maximum battery life
  • Uniquely constructed to run in ultra-low power mode
  • Intrusion monitor components can be placed in nearly any orientation
  • Sensor and proximity marker can be installed as far as 2.5 inches apart
  • Long range wireless communication back to Gateway Data Hub
  • Gold-plated terminal connectors
  • Corrosion resistant, tin copper wiring
  • Durable, marinized construction
  • Easy, non-invasive installation with adhesive pads

  • 2 Year battery life (CR2032)

  • IP67 ingress protection

  • Constructed with marinized acetal homopolymer casing, Buna-N O-ring, and 316 SS hardware

  • SETUP: Easy installation with adhesive pads


  • BATTERY: 2 Year battery life (CR2032)


  • MATERIALS: Acetal Homopolymer case, Buna-N O-ring, 316 SS hardware