Environmental Monitor

This round 2” x 1” Master Chief Environmental Monitor measures temperature, pressure, and humidity.

Data is transmitted by Bluetooth 5 MESH network to the Gateway Hub. The compact module is easy to place discreetly in any room. The Bluetooth 5 MESH communication connectivity even allows placement in refrigerators, main galley, state room, engine and battery areas. This deliver is comprehensive coverage of your boating environment.

Multiple sensors can accommodate zoned climate systems, engine room and other areas of your choice. Specialized ePTFE membrane and o-ring seals resists salt intrusion allowing accurate measurements over the lifetime of the sensor.


  • Designed specifically for the contours of sea vessel doors

  • Long-lasting battery life

  • Runs in ultra-low power mode

  • Long range wireless communication back to Gateway Data Hub

  • Gold-plated terminal connectors

  • Corrosion resistant, tin copper wiring

  • Durable, marinized construction

  • DATA: Temperature (+/- 0.5 deg C), Humidity (+/- 3% RH), Pressure (+/- 10 Pa)


  • SETUP: Easy installation with adhesive pads

  • BATTERY: 8 month battery life (CR2032)


  • MATERIALS: Acetal Homopolymer case, Silicone O-ring

  • Temperature (+/- 0.5 deg C), Humidity (+/- 3% RH), Pressure (+/- 10 Pa)

  • Easy, non-invasive installation with adhesive pads

  • 8 month battery life (CR2032)

  • IP67 ingress protection

  • Constructed with marinized acetal homopolymer case, silicone O-ring