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Tocaro Blue family,

My name is Tristan Rizzi, and I am the President of Tocaro Blue. As an introduction, I’d like to provide a little context on our background and a little about myself. To say Tocaro Blue was founded by an unmet need is a gross understatement. Our founder and visionary, Tom Patterson, was sailing across the Atlantic unassisted in his sailboat and wanted the absolute best monitoring system to meet the rugged requirements of protecting his assets, and ultimately, his lifeline back to civilization. Of course, he had tried all the commercially available systems but decided he didn’t like their respective compromises. He decided that the boating market needed a monitoring & safety system designed to handle the worst mother nature had to offer and provide boat owners with the absolute best system on the market.

In contrast, my background is more offbeat and perhaps a little more colorful, but it impacts how we achieve our goal to be the absolute best. I graduated from the Naval Academy with a Degree in Engineering and spent the next 26 years as a career military officer and Navy SEAL; I retired at the rank of Captain. As a SEAL, I participated in hundreds of operations across just about every continent and body of water; I have commanded at every level and deployed (MANY times) with Combatant Craft and Operators to assist in the Global War on Terrorism. Following my operational time, I was hand-selected due to my extensive boat experience to develop the next generation of combatant craft (those now being fielded). My background is only relevant to express that the systems Tocaro Blue built to monitor your boats are based on my (and Tom’s) expectations and my experiences in combat situations where equipment reliability meant the difference between success and failure.   Our systems are based on the same foundations of durability, capability, and upgradeability; hopefully, when you look at the hardware, the impression they leave is “overbuilt.” In fact, we are very proud that the entire Tocaro Blue system was designed, built, and programmed here in the United States.

I wanted to create a venue that allows me to periodically communicate directly with you and keep you apprised of developments and improvements – to be clear, all our development focuses on improving our core mission:

Standing guard over your assets and providing the best and most reliable

“Vessel Awareness” platform in the industry.

 Over the next few months, I will be providing you with updates on what hardware and sensors are in development, along with software upgrades to the App, and how they will improve your overall experience.

The last point for this update is that your systems were built to be software-defined and NOT hardware limited. That means that emerging sensors will absolutely be retrofittable to current units in the field through firmware upgrades (just like Tesla).

I wish you all a great summer, and I hope to see you all on the water!



Tristan Rizzi

Capt. SEAL, USN (Ret)

President, Tocaro Blue