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Tocaro Blue family,

Expanding on our last update, I wanted to address our advanced capabilities to support Fleets and Marinas. This is not a hardware modification or change but rather a modification of our software to address some specific concerns. Before I describe some of the functionality, it’s important that we talk about some of the core functionality that allows us to operate in different venues – it all comes down to DATA.

We have several game-changing developments. Over the next few updates, I will explain some of them and how they apply to you.

The Marina View: An update to our software will prioritize concerns and functionality for Marinas. Here are some examples:

  • Knowing the battery status of all boats and charging them when necessary to ensure they are always ready for their owners.
  • Alert the Marina when owners return so that reception personnel can assist vessel docking and recovery.
  • When equipped with an NMEA Gateway, alert the Marina when a boat is low on fuel and needs to be filled up upon return.
  • Alerting the Marina to any fault codes or problems with the boat that need to be fixed (engine codes, hourly-based maintenance, etc.)

Iridium Text Capability: This App function will also be located under the Emergency Tab and will allow cell phones to push messages over the Iridium satellite network (for those equipped). This capability is meant to provide communications from well outside of cellular range to provide you with an additional layer of safety.

The Vibration Sensor: This new innovative sensor characterizes the “vibrations” of your particular boat and alerts you of vibrational anomalies before failure using predictive analysis. This sensor can alert you to a dinged prop, fouled plug, or even failing engine parts like an alternator or drive shaft. This sensor was designed to increase time on the water while simultaneously driving down repair costs through early identification.

The NMEA 2000 Gateway: The next revolution in gateway technology can monitor just about every function on your vessel to ensure your time on the water is maximized and without interruption. In its ultimate form, this gateway will permit the vessel to communicate directly with your Marina on errors, maintenance requirements, and other vessel issues. This capability is maximized on newer boats with extensive NMEA sensors and integration and provides for comprehensive monitoring and vessel system evaluation. Imagine NEVER having to worry about filling up your boat after a day’s use because the system can be set to facilitate “auto fueling.” With this system, your repair agent can see real-time maintenance alerts and errors (hours, fault codes, etc.).

The Vessel Dynamic Contingency Avoidance (VDCA) system: Imagine comprehensive vessel connectivity (Radar, Depth, AIS, MMSI, etc.) where a machine-learning computer monitors your boat dynamically and ensures its protected to the max. This includes depth warnings, recommended courses, contaccrop miaget identification, channel marker validation, contingency warnings, and more.

This “network solution” will provide complete connectivity with other Tocaro Blue sensors on other boats and build a digital world that depicts and predicts contingencies while actively helping reduce problem occurrences. When fully enabled, this system will have several “ayz”-like functions but optimized to the marine environment. More to follow on this particular development.

In closing, THANK YOU to ALL of you that have allowed Tocaro Blue to monitor your boat. You and your opinion matter to Team Tocaro Blue and to me personally.


Tristan Rizzi
Capt. SEAL, USN (Ret)
President, Tocaro Blue