Battery Monitoring

Say “bon voyage” to wasted time, money and stress caused by unexpected battery failure.

Our innovative battery monitors measure both voltage and current (amps) to determine battery charge and lifetime predictions. We’ll even send short-circuit and low voltage alerts so you’ll never be caught by surprise by failing or low-charge batteries again. Monitor multiple batteries, such as house battery, generator battery, and engine batteries.

Tocaro Blue’s technology lets you access accurate, real-time battery charge reports and predictive battery life right from your unique smart phong app right in the palm of your hand. As soon as you’ve experienced the protection the Master Chief Monitoring system provides, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!


  • Easy installation with safe, non-contact current clamp

  • Provides accurate, real-time battery charge

  • Smart technology accurately predicts remaining battery life

  • Automatically alerts low voltage and/or short-circuit readings

  • Long range wireless communication back to Gateway Data Hub

  • Gold-plated terminal connectors

  • Corrosion resistant, tin copper wiring

  • Potted power cables

  • Durable, marinized construction

  • Voltage (+/- 0.01 V), Current (+/- 0.1 A)

  • Ring terminals for voltage and non-intrusive current clamp for easy installation

  • 12VDC, draws 0.02 Amps from connected battery (approximately 0.24 W)

  • IP67 ingress protection

  • Constructed with marinized acetal homopolymer casing, Buna-N O-ring